Creative Arts: Worship, Media, Productions

Worship Arts



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    Guitar, bass, keys, drums, sax, synth, organ…and more.

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    We call them frontline singers and they are a key part of the worship experience.

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    Guys & gals that can lead with boldness, in love and in truth.

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    Tech Team

    Sound, lighting, cameras, Pro-Presenter operator, and livestream manager. They make us sound and look good.

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    Social Media

    The ability to get us online and get the word out effectively and creatively. (By the way – are you following us yet?)

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    Videography & Photography

    Video announcements, photography for our website and social media content, and anything else that requires a camera and a creative eye.

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    On-Stage Players

    Actors, singers, dancers, and choral groups. Without these key players, the show would NOT go on!

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    Backstage Players

    Set design, lighting, sound, stage-hands, production assistants, and more. These players are just as crucial to the success of our productions.

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    Christmas & Easter scripts that communicate the Gospel of Jesus in a relevant and entertaining way. We take this part seriously.